Welcome to the '2016 UCHTIF + EB5 Projects Show’ 


The US-China Hotel and Tourism Investment Forum (UCHTIF) + EB5 Projects Show’ is the only bilateral real estate development and investment conference focusing on the lodging and tourism industries across boththe US and China markets.


Liberty Hospitality Inc. hosts the UCHTIF China Summit and American conference annually in China and America to facilitate communication and promote cooperation between two countries. The presentations in previous events from the speakers of top luxury hotel companies, hospitality real estate developers, Chinese Investment funds, government officers and the representatives of industry associations have provided audience great experiences and valuable insights about the industry across country boundaries.



 Why Attend?


Long term cooperation and markets complementarity exist in thefields of economy and culture between US and China. Particularly the recent 20 years, the sustainable domestic urbanization, rising middle class population and growing consumption of Chinese residents have brought great opportunities to the expansion of lodging and tourism investment domestically and internationally.America is the top destination of tourism in the world. Attributed to its mature market, complete service system and leading technology innovation, America has attracted more and more Chinese companies investing here for international development.

Aimed at extend the international vision of Chinese enterprises and help American colleagues getting known more about potential opportunities in China, the 2016 UCHTIF+EB5 Projects Show held at Sheraton LAX on November 8-10, 2016 will work as an platform facilitatingcommunication, sharing practical experiences of Chinese owners in America, and delivering the latest investment trends overseasfor delegates who are interested in building bilateral connection, deep understanding, and extensive cooperation. 


Who Should Attend?    

  • Hotel / Tourism Real Estate Developers

  • Investors / Lenders / Equity Institutes

  • EB5 Project Owners / American Regional Center Operators

  • Hotel Operators / Brand Franchisers / Real Estate Planners / Architects / Designers

  • Consulting companies / Commercial Brokers / Legal firms / Migration Agencies

  • Policies makers from government related departments

  • Hotel owners / operation executives / managers / real estate project leaders

  • Reps from others related fields